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私どもの会社は、そのようなすばらしい製品を主には海外のお客様に紹介し、価値を訴求することを目的としております。 その為に、私たちは、まずは日本の伝統工芸技術により生み出された、素晴らしく高い品位と美で輝を放つ製品を海外に紹介し、販売する役割を追求します。 そしてその発展をめざして、新たなデザインや、より広い顧客ニーズにも応えられるような新しい製品の提案を行い、さらには、生産者の方々と共に、各種伝統技術を融合したデザインを実現することで新たな美を創造することを目指しております。



Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.
The traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items are the embodiment of the beauty and the brilliance, and are one of the finest art work treasures in the world. The creation comes from splendid Japanese master artist-craftsmen’s skills with use of superb local materials.

Regrettably, the use of the traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items in daily life has declined over the years in Japan, due to the changes in our lifestyles and mass produced substituting items.

However, we sincerely believe that the value and the demand of the traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items can be increased, with further developments and design innovations of the art craft to meet our lifestyles today. We are confident that it can be realized by maximizing modern Japanese aesthetic sense and sensitivity.

Our mission is to introduce traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items to overseas customers, and to have those customers become fans of the Japanese beauty expressed in the true work of art.

Therefore, first we focus on the role of introduction, merchandising and the sales of the best quality traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items to overseas customers and cultivate our fans.

And second, by proposing new designs and aesthetics of the traditional Japanese art craft (kogei) items, we will cultivate unforeseen customer needs and exceed expectations of those fans.
Further on, we would like to introduce aesthetically rich creations by uniting Japanese traditional master artist-craftsmen from various areas of work with inspiring designs, thereby overwhelming customers’ expectations.

Finally, Japan Kogei Styling’s goal is to contribute in the sustainable succession of the traditional Japanese art craft works to our children and the society as a whole and hand on the culture of the Japanese beauty, Kogei, the true creation from Japan.

We appreciate your understandings, your support and further expectation to us.
Thank you,

Tsuyoshi Kawaguchi
Japan Kogei Styling Co., Ltd.


1988年~ 横浜国立大学大学院 生産工学研究科修了
またその間、米国Indiana University Kelley School of BusinessにてMBA修了 2013年3月同社退社
日本工芸スタイリング株式会社 設立
日本産漆を支援する 壱木呂の会(NPO法人) 会員


1964Born in Kamakura, Japan
1988 - Master of Engineering in Production Engineering from Yokohama National University.
After the graduation, started professional career in the Japanese glass manufacturing company.
Experienced Production technology development, New product planning/ Marketing, and Sales.
Achieved MBA from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.
Left the company after 25years of career in 2013.
2013Established Japan Kogei Styling Co., Ltd.
Other facts Lived in the U.S.A. for 8 years in total.
A member of the "Ichikiro-no-kai";NPO to Help Preserve Japanese Urushi Lacquer Production

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